Special Thanks


Nick and Emma Craven – my first supporters 🙂 Thank you for believing and supporting my project, it means the world to me!

The Journey

One L of a Journey started out as Journey Thru L in 2010 when I started law school. It has always been a therapeutic outlet for me, as writing has always been something that I crave to do. There are days that I crave writing more than I crave food or sleep!

Over the years, my blog as turned into a safe place for me to share my struggle with chronic pain. A place for me to connect with others living through the chronic lifestyle, as well, and learn how to support each other. It was not until this year that God began to tug on my heart and tell me to start writing more… I tried to listen, but life was crazy, I was planning a wedding, working towards a promotion at my job, and adjusting to having my soon-to-be-husband living in the same state as me for the first time since the start of our six year relationship.

Then, November 2, 2016 arrived and pain struck. My endometriosis pain returned with a vengeance and rekindled my passion for blogging. When I started to research what I was going through (again), I realized there was so much ignorance surrounding the subject. No one seemed to understand WHAT endometriosis was or WHY it was not just “period pain”. I felt that tug on my heart again telling me this is what you are supposed to be doing. So, I started writing.

One L of a Journey evolved into a personal blog that I hope will become a community for women with endometriosis to share daily life, support, motivate, and educate others.

This page is dedicated to those who have subscribed in an effort to bring my project to fruition and allow this blog to continue to operate. For as little as $1 each month, you can buy a subscription, get your name on this page and contribute to spreading the goodness that this site hopes to bring to others. ❤ God bless!