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cropped-header-image.jpgAs you may know, writing and maintaining a blog is a lot of work. It can easily be a full-time job if you are posting daily and doing mixed media content (which I would love to do in the future). Right now, I am posting almost every day, or every other, and working full-time during the day. With the research (right now there is not a lot but there will be more in the future), time editing and picking the perfect picture with the best quote or most emotional connection to the post, I am putting in close to 25 hours a week.

In order for me to expand this site the way I envision, I have to reach out to you, my readers. There’s this awesome site called Patreon that allows you to please as little as $2 a month and in return you get some pretty dope rewards, ranging from your name on my blog, live chats with me each month, exclusive content, and you could even pick a blog topic! marriage

Your contribution will help me to continue to what has been started here. I have a BIG dream for this site that God has placed on my heart, and YOU can help me fulfill it through your contribution.


Thank you so much for reading my words each day. If you are unable to contribute, please just continue to read and share this blog with a friend who you think it may encourage or help.



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